Visa Coating produces different types of paints, varnishes and enamels for decoration.

The choice of product can be made in relation to the type of material to be decorated, the application method, the production cycle used and the desired chemical-physical resistances.

Mono- and bi-component solvent-based paints and mono- and bi-component water-soluble paints are available, which can be used as primers, as colors or as coatings that can be dried at different time/temperature cycles.

Within each type, by appropriately mixing various components, it is possible to obtain different finishes.

The following types available:

Paints for glass;
Paints for ceramics;
Porcelain paints;
Paints for plastic materials (plexiglass, methacrylate, ABS, PVC, PET, etc.).


The different types of paints are available in the versions:

  • transparent
  • covering
  • mother of pearl
  • metallic
  • fluorescent

with the following finishes:

  • shiny
  • opaque
  • semi-gloss
  • semi-opaque
  • lapped
  • embossed
  • structured
  • etc

Within the same typology, in the different finishes, the colors can all be mixed together, so as to obtain a potentially infinite number of different shades.


The paints are produced, especially those for the creation of special effects, with high quality characteristics in order to be able to offer high standards in relation to:

  • adhesion on the support
  • scratch resistance
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • resistance to attack by acids and alkalis
  • resistance to perfumes and solvents
  • resistance to washing in the dishwasher

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