Enamel is a two-component, high-thickness, solvent-free, odorless resin for professional use

Polymerized enamel has the following characteristics:

  • Transparency and gloss: in the transparent version, both neutral and colored, the glaze is presented with transparency and gloss similar to glass.
  • Hardness and adhesion: the enamel has an exceptional adhesion on many supports (glass, metal, precious metals, plastics, stones, wood and other natural materials), therefore its use is very wide. Originally the enamel is presented and stands out for its hardness and its brilliance.
  • Resistance: resistant to scratches, shocks, mechanical pressures, good resistance to light (for the degree of resistance of individual colors, see the specific data sheet).
  • It can be sanded and polished: all available colors can also be supplied with a higher viscosity to be used as a contour (“gel”, for this processing see specific sheet).


  • excellent adherence to glass
  • hard and elastic-resistant surface
  • good resistance to alkalis and acids
  • good resistance to solvents
  • good resistance to light
    not containing lead or cadmium.
  • Good resistance to glycolic acid

 For further chemical and physical information, please refer to the safety data sheet and the packaging label.


The enamel can be applied on the piece to be painted, decorated or coated in the following ways:

  • By means of a special dispenser;
  • By brush;
  • By spatula;
  • Spongeting;
  • Casting in the mold.

Using a different type of catalysts and additives, you can make the following techniques:

  • Glazing on flat surfaces (on objects with “seat”);
  • Enamelling on curved or semi-curved surfaces;
  • Enamelling “a cathedral”;
  • Pouring;
  • Subsequent overprinting by transfer.

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