Gel effect

Gel Effect is a two-component, high-thickness paint available in transparent, opaque, pearlescent, metallic and fluorescent versions.

This paint has exceptional adhesion on different substrates such as glass, metal, wood, stone and plastic materials. In the transparent version (neutral and colored) it is particularly appreciated for the glass finish, on which it is possible to produce, using the most disparate tools (brush, spatula, pad, silk-screen print, sponge, syringe, combs, forks, etc.), infinite textures.

It can be worked for about an hour and, once dried, it is similar to glass in terms of hardness, transparency and brilliance.

It can also be mixed with glitter and glass grits. This paint is also often used as a glue for glass, semi-precious stones, rhinestones and other types of applications on different materials. In the colored versions it is used to create three-dimensional decorations.

Chrome effect

Different types of mirror chrome effect paints are available with different degrees of shine, adhesion and resistance which allow the achievement of reflective shielding (partial or total) on the back of transparent materials such as glass, plexiglass, ABS, polycarbonate, methacrylate etc.

Ancient Excavation Effect, Marble and Structured Effects

They are single or two-component paints that allow the imitation of various surface finishes on different supports in order to create the most disparate decorations.

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